DTCC Data Services offers referential and activity-based data, delivered in fixed or configurable formats, sourced from DTCC’s transaction, reference, position and asset servicing data covering all major asset classes. As the premier post-trade market infrastructure for the global financial services industry, DTCC simplifies the complexities of data management across transaction types and asset classes, increasing transparency, mitigating risk and driving efficiencies for financial firms. View All DTCC Data Services Offerings‎


Liquidity data services deliver a consolidated source of cross-asset class and anonymized transaction data that enables fast and efficient access to settled transaction pricing data. The services can increase market transparency and understanding of liquidity for some of the more complex securities.

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Market & Benchmark Analytics

Market & Benchmark Analytics data services deliver firm-specific transaction data and market aggregates across asset classes to provide fast access to timely industry performance benchmarks. The services can increase transparency and enable actionable insights.

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Risk data services deliver anonymized and aggregated data perspectives designed to help firms monitor risk exposure across several views including time, sub asset class and in comparison to the overall market. The services provide access to highly contextualized views of the market to enhance performance tracking.

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Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory Compliance data services deliver a number of configurable data solutions designed to help firms access information they need to comply with a number of global regulatory initiatives including Basel III and Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) 5% rules.

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Announcement data services deliver an authoritative and consolidated source of corporate action, legal notice and new issuance announcements and alerts for DTC-eligible securities. The services provide timely access to documentation as well as descriptive detail behind key corporate activity.

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Security Reference

Security Reference data services deliver descriptive data elements for more than 4 million DTC-eligible securities and 1,800 U.S.-listed ETFs. The services enable fast and consolidated data access to increase operational efficiency and decision support.

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