DTCC’s Security Master File Data Service provides the most up to date, comprehensive, centralized and reliable source of DTCC eligible securities' information to the market.


DTCC’s Security Master Files enrich users' own security master data, creating a reliable, golden source of data and ensuring trades settle on time. Users can leverage trade processing efficiencies through this comprehensive, trusted data set, which describes more than 4 million active securities held at DTCC.

Because they are the same data used to service the assets eligible at DTCC, clear trades and settle obligations through DTCC subsidiaries, DTCC's Security Master Files enable users to meet critical data quality requirements throughout the life cycle of a security.

Features & Benefits

  • Features
  • High Quality Data Increase accuracy resulting in fewer exceptions by receiving data from a trusted and reliable source.
  • Comprehensive Source Reduce costs by using a single consolidated source that includes all asset classes serviced through DTCC.
  • Trusted Source Internal processing is synchronized with data driving U.S. clearance and settlement
  • One data set Cost reductions from using a single, consolidated source
  • Processed via DTCC Underwriting Reduce risk and increase straight-through processing for securities transactions with reliable data that must meet strict DTCC underwriting standards.


  • Master files with daily update files of security master information
    • Basic Service
    • Premium Service


DTCC’s Security Master Files represent the full population of securities eligible at DTCC – more than 4 million in total – that are updated on a daily basis. Complete master files are available to support periodic reconciliation. File availability is dependant on service subscription. 

Estimated number of securities by asset class:

Security master information is available through 2 types of subscription services, basic and premium. Each provides delivery of a daily update and an all inclusive master file.

BASIC SECURITY MASTER FILE DELIVERY SERVICE This service provides approximately 55 data points on security master data for the following DTCC eligible securities; both update and master files are available daily after 7:30PM ET:   

Corporate Securities Option 

Sub-issue types:
  • Equities
  • CMOs denominated in UNITS or UNDIVIDED INTEREST.
  • ASSET BACKED Security denominated in UNITS or UNDIVIDED INTEREST.
  • Interest at Maturity (IAM) CP
  • Discount CP (DCP)
  • CMO
  • Asset Backed Security
Municipal Securities Option Sub-issue types:
  • Municipal Bond
  • Municipal Note
  • Municipal Auction Rate Note
  • Municipal Variable Mode Obligation
  • Municipal Variable Rate Demand Obligation
  • Municipal Insured Custodial Receipt
  • Municipal Derivative
  • Municipal Amortized Issue
Money Market Instrument (MMI) Securities Option  Sub-issue types:
    • Preferred Stock (PFD/CP) in CP-like mode
    • Municipal VRDO/CP
    • Municipal Commercial Paper
    • Bankers’ Acceptance (BA)
    • Institutional Certificate of Deposit (CD)
    • Corporate Commercial Paper
    • Corporate VRDO/CP
    • Medium-Term Notes (MTN)
    • Deposit Notes
    • Medium-Term Bank Notes
    • Medium-Term Note
    • Short-Term Bank Notes
    • Discount Notes


This service provides daily security master data for DTCC eligible securities with expanded data elements and additional asset slices.  The master files are available on the last Saturday of the month and daily update files are published at 9:00PM ET.

Subscribers can choose from the following asset classes:

  • Asset and Mortgage Backed
  • Corporate Bond and Trusts
  • Equity
  • Government
  • Money Market Instruments (CP, VRDO, MTs, etc.)
  • Municipals

How It Works

  • DTCC's Security Master Database is updated on a daily basis.  As new securities are brought to market, DTCC's underwriting process ensures that complete and accurate information is captured and vetted before the issue is deemed DTCC eligible.


  • Networks: SMART (DTCC Dedicated Network), AT&T Network-Based IP VPN (ANIRA), or Over the Internet i
  • Protocols: SFTP, FTPS, Connect:Direct (NDM), MQ

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