ETF Portfolio Data

DTCC’s ETF Portfolio Data service enhances users’ decision-making in the management of ETF portfolios with a consolidated, convenient feed of U.S.-listed ETFs.

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The service enables users to configure feeds of ETF Composition File (PCF) data and view ETF constituent data. Data delivery is customizable, allowing users to subscribe to specific portfolios of interest, perform rapid searches and select desired output formats.

  • Historical ETF File on demand
  • Daily ETF File 10:00PM ET
  • Supplemental ETF Files
    • Near-Real Time: Upon receipt from 12:00AM ET to 12:00PM ET
    • Batch: 12:00PM ET

Security Master File Data

DTCC’s Security Master File Data service is the market’s most up to date, comprehensive, centralized and reliable source of DTCC-eligible securities information.

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The service can enrich your own securities master data, helping you to settle trades on time and meet critical data quality requirements throughout the life cycle of a security.

  • Networks: Smart (DTCC Dedicated Network), AT&T Network-Based IP VPN (ANIRA), or Over the Internet
  • Protocols: SFTP, FTP/SSL, Connect Direct (NDM), MQ

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